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This section contains resources you may find useful while attending Voyageur College Preparatory High School.


Advice for students

Whether you decide to one day attend a university or earn a 2-year associates degree, these are characteristics of successful students.

  • Have excellent attendance and are punctual.
  • Complete assignments entirely, neatly, showing that they take pride in their work.
  • Turn in their work promptly after an absence.
  • Make sure they understand the material covered.
  • Learn to identify what needs to be studied in greatest detail.
  • Pay attention in class and are courteous, respectful and polite.
  • Put forth the appropriate amount of effort and spend the proper amount of time when completing homework assignments. They do their assignments well, as opposed to just "getting them done."
  • Do not have electronic devices in the classroom.
  • Actively participate by asking and answering questions and taking notes.
  • Take the initiative to discuss their progress in class with their teachers.
  • Teachers appreciate students who want to do their best. This is also a great way for teachers to get to know their students.
  • Realize their responsibility to do well in high school. They see the impact that doing well in high school has on their future.
  • Turn in all assignments and work hard.
  • Enjoy school and take advantage of after school activities
By doing so, students control their own success.

The things that take the most work are the things we value and most enjoy!

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