Voyageur College Prep High School

Voyageur Students: College Ready. College Bound.
Graduation Resources


Our graduation ceremony is always a very special event.

It is always inspiring to watch our young people cross the stage to receive their diplomas, scholarships, and awards. We look forward to that day throughout the entire year.

If you visit our school, take a good look at the bulletin board in the front hallway. That's where we post the letters of acceptance that our students receive from colleges and universities. The collection of letters grows very large as we get close to June.

Students are encouraged to work closely with our college counselor Mrs. Jasmine Brooks and our Principal Mr. Jeffrey Maxwell, and their Advisors. Guest speakers and college recruiters visit Voyageur regularly.

A personal curriculum(PC) is a documented process that modifies certain requirements of the MichiganMerit Curriculum (MMC) for students in grades 9-12. If a personal curriculum is requested, the Academy will review that request.